BTS: Grace + Style Photoshoot

Excited for Grace Helbig's 2nd book, Grace + Style, to drop this month - the above video captures some scenes from the cover shoot from the book. Photographed by Robin Roemer, Hair: Wendy J. Diaz; Makeup: Christina Natale; Styling: Me 

Rich Design

When my art direction and styling opportunities increased, and That's So Retrograde began to become a thing, I made the decision to close my online consignment boutique, Closet Rich, in 2015. 

As I now KonMar my way through the countless computer files dedicated to the project, I can't help but adore the sleek little site I built. I used Squarespace for front end web design, and the phone app Phonto to create photos w/ text. While being budget friendly was the name of the game, taking the design into my own hands allowed me to continually revision and re-vamp the site's vibe - I am particularly proud of this iteration from 2014:

Hello 2016


With the first month of 2016 being a blessed, yet retrograde riddled start to the new year, I offer you some sources of inspiration to help shed light on the current astro happenings - check out this article by Extra Dimensional Wellness Expert, Mikey Domitrovich on Why Retrograde Is Your Friend. And as a treat for your ears, we recently welcomed astro goddess, Ambi Stitham to That's So Retrograde to break down the ins and outs of this particular retrograde