Where The Magic Happens

I'm a little blown away, after being featured on iTunes's New + Noteworthy page, That's So Retrograde, the podcast project I have been cultivating over the past year, got a major listening spike. Last week, we had not 1 but 7 episodes in the top 20 Health episodes on iTunes. Whoa. 

I am so proud of this show. On a personal basis, moving into this category of media was entirely uncharted for me. The idea for the show, which came while on the top of a mountain, whilst celebrating last year's Fall Equinox was simple - to present a show that explored the more esoteric side of the physical and mental wellness worlds in a inquisitive and comedic manner. i.e a spiritual and wellness show w/ dick jokes! With this divine inspiration, I got together with Embassy Row and my favorite funny girl, Stephanie Simbari, and, That's So Retrograde (a title which stems for Steph's comedy act) was born.

At the beginning I struggled, I questioned if I was the proper vessel to ask the questions and deliver ideas, I could not stand the slight mid-western tinge to my voice, I cringed every time I clocked myself saying "I kinda think" or mis-used a word properly. 25 episodes in and with the discomfort has come serious growth - the intention and tone of the podcast has solidified and my own life's mission continues to expand as working on the show has helped me move beyond the confines of what my own mind believes I am capable of.  I have the deepest gratitude that TSR is resonating with listeners, I mean, the fact that that we even have listeners is a trip.  

It's in the cards. Recording one of our first episodes w/ tarot reader, Angie Banicki

It's in the cards. Recording one of our first episodes w/ tarot reader, Angie Banicki

Lena Dunham hits on an idea in an episode of Girls (and on her episode of NPR's Fresh Air) ...where she exclaims that outside of your comfort zone is where the magic happens. Are these little new-found accolades a bit of magic? sure. But the reason I write this is in support of a different type of magic, the magic that comes from having an idea and making it something, the magic that comes from feeling self doubt and not letting it cripple you, and the magic that comes when the universe gives you a little nudge to keep going. Thank you to all who have supported the magic in TSR, if you have yet to listen, we can be found on iTunes here.

TL; DR version: Thankful for all the new listeners of That's So Retrograde, it's a project that has brought me outside my comfort zone. Happy to report, personal doubt was overturned by belief in concept and self - resulting in growth and continued inspiration on a micro and macro level. I then give a nod to something I heard Lena Dunham say: outside your comfort zone is where the magic happens and then I suggest you listen to the pod