SXSW Diary Day 1. Part 1

A recap of my recent Austin Adventure? Don’t mind if I do…..

Cara, former new yorker and pr maven for cover girl, turned world traveler, turned recent Austin resident (…whom i met when we bonded over almond milk at a cochella house we both stayed a few years back…) picks me up from airport. i’m thinking:

yayy nice to see you, thanks for picking me up! FOOD.

We immediately stop at Torchy’s for breakfast tacos, maybe it was the bacon or my minimal experience w/ eggs in taco shells, but these are best bfast tacos of my life….

Sleep til 4.. woops. Food coma or nap due to red eye from LA..unclear.

Pull it together + head to the Four Season’s for a light fashion drinks meet up put on by my (and everyone else’s) fave digital style star/editor, Eva C.

Immediately see friendly faces Moj, Rhonda, Ashley, Andrew H. Rhonda tells me THE place for consignment in Austin is Moss, “think rich texans”. Sold.


After, I head around the corner to the point of shuttle pick up to my next adventure, instantly I see a group of displaced young tech figures, huddling under an awning trying to stay dry from the rain…that’s the crew.

Excited to see Nyla of Mama Hope, and my friend Matt G - who mentions his app, Circa is 50 DLs away from a major milestone. Made it 49 and downloaded it on the spot. He filled me in on the Malaysian plane story that I had yet to hear about…it’s moments of current event in-the-darkness like these that has me briefly missing my former today show junkie self.

Matt walks me through Circa… I’m now obsessed. And if you don’t know, now you know. Your welcs.

News chat and catch ups finds us in a matte black painted school bus,  drunk in love (the kanye remix, duh) to Delta Millworks for for Dinner at the Mill hosted by an incredible crew.

Old friends, new friends, great chats, nike hats, boxing robes, vegetarian tamale trucks, bbq meat sliders, a coffee truck AND DIY cupcakes. Heaven in an operating wood mill.

Immediately see my faves, Claire, Jen and Steven and make them take and oscar selfie w/ me…which i didn’t realize was as an annoying of thing/hashtag  as it apparently is, but I still stand by this pic.